It is Christmas. The final presentation is done. Time to leave and go home.

I packed my stuff, I cleaned every corner of the apartment and I prepared the flight tickets. It is officially over. On the 21st of December we held our final presentation, on the 22nd it was time to go home.

Selfie with the team after the final presentation

The final presentation went very well. I spent the last week with preparing a video which I will upload a little later. Afterwards we played "secret Santa" with the EPS people as a goodbye. Secret Santa means that everybody buys a present and then you draw a number and get another one from some secret person. I got a really cool one: a Christmas calender. That means that I can now eat all the chocolate in a single day, because it is already Christmas.

So much chocolate! 🍫

After all I am quite happy to leave. 4 months here have been an amazing experience but after all that time working with the team became quite hard because everybody was only thinking about the end. Also I miss wooden floors (stone floors are the worst, coldest thing to have in an apartment), an electrical system that can handle tee cooking and heating at the same time and of course my girlfriend.

The fuses... I had to turn them on again and again...

I took some last photos of my room and the kitchen and then I went. Nina from my university joined me on my flight home and the next day I was finally able to drink Punch again (another thing I really missed in Spain)

the last pictures of my place in Valencia

My suitcase as it disapeared on its way to the plane

Does that mean this is the last post of this blog???


Of course not, there is still a complete second roadtrip to finish and so much more pictures. There will be several more posts before I call it a day, so stay tuned.

Punch on the 24th of December back in Vienna