Last weekend Rieke asked me if I want to join her and her family to visit Montanejos, a little town with a thermal spring.

Of course I was very happy to join. I took my camera and drone and quickly got me some additional underwear before we left.

Very big leaves

Here is some of the drone footage I shot during walking around, It should be mentioned that this entire video was basically compiled by the DJI app automatically, but it looks quite cool so I decided to include it here.

On the road

Rieke's family rented a car at the airport at the same company like we did for the road trips. We drove around 90 km to get to Montanejos. I wanted to go there earlier already but somehow I always got my head stuck in work or other things...

Map of Montanejos

The really cool thing about the place is it's thermal spring. It stays at steady 25 degrees celcius throughout the entire year. Short before we left our apartment Rieke's mother reminded us of that fact and we where clever enough to take some cloths for swimming with us (Because of the hurry I only found me a second boxershort 😅).

The thermal spring

When we arrived and felt that the Internet had not been lying to us about the water temperature we immediately got in. We were not even the only ones, some locals also joined. When you step in you can feel the heat coming from the ground under your feet as well.

Let's go for a swim

On a sign on the wall you could read that the stairs and surrounding bridges where built by an old Arab king to have "his most beautiful ladies stay young by taking a bath every day". Not sure if I felt any younger but maybe it is because I am not a beautiful lady 😜. We went for a 10 minute swim and than got on to explore the beautiful autumn landscape along the river that flows downhill.

Going down the river

I cant really help but put all the images I did here, it was really the perfect timing because the sun came out right after we finished our little swim.

Going down the autumn path

Tree at a the river

At one point we turned away from the little river and started our way back to the car. While going there we saw at least 30 cats striving or gathering in the streets and enjoying the sun rays just like we did.

so many kitties in the streets

canyon near montanejos

Some very tiny climbers balancing on a powerline

Rieke's mother Meike is by the way also pretty famous for her photography on instagram, you should really check out her stuff. Here is a sneak peak.

meike_aus_berlin on instagram

After some time we left Montanejos and drove a little bit back to a pueblo called Cirat. We found a really nice place there and had some really good tapas for lunch. Because the restaurant owner their recommended it we went for a little walk close to the town and I took some more pictures.

an old garage

Town scape in the sunset

I flew my drone a little bit and we fund a little river, but then the path became pretty difficult so we decided to go back and then go home. I really enjoyed the trip and of course also the swim. I am really happy that I could join the trip. Thanks again 😉.

Shaped by earth and then by humans...

Of course the sunset was as beautiful as all of them are in the country of the sun