Slowly things are getting to an end. We are in the final stages but then this happened.

After now over 3 month of being here, biking on Valenbicis, living in the city, going to university everyday and to beer-pong on Mondays I almost forgot about one thing. Till this Monday. We came back from our second roadtrip Sunday in the night and when I went to the kitchen on Monday noon I saw it.

A little, white and shiny envelope. Somebody must have put it there. When I turned it around I did not belive my eyes.

What are you?

Ayontamento de Valencia

... was written there and a little symbol that looked like... a bike.
Full of enthusiasm I stumbled back into my room and ripped the envelope apart, and there it was.

My Valenbici NFC Card

For real, I am not joking. It arrived now, around 10 days before I am going to leave. But at least it did arrive. This saves me typing my account number every time at the Valenbici station. I still need to type my pin though. I already used it a few times but it is such a typical Spanish thing that it took soooo long. The sending date on the letter is the 29th of November. Really far from the initial 20 days promised. (That would have been something like the beginning of October) 😜

Wow, the card