European Project Semester is a programme offered by 18 European universities in 12 countries throughout Europe to students who have completed at least two years of study. EPS is created with engineering students in mind, but other students who can participate in an engineering project are also welcome.


This is the official definition of EPS. On the first day we got to know Pedro Fuentes Durá, the EPS coordinator of UPV and he explained that this first week is mainly to select what kind of project we are going to be working on.

We are 45 people in our class. Some people come from an engineering school, some do business engineering and some do product design. We have our own classroom in building 8H and our whole organisation process is pretty detached from the other exchange students of UPV. By the way: finding our building on the first day was not easy, UPV's campus stretches almost over a square kilometer, infact there is even an app to navigate it! By now I figured out which entry to use in the morning: It is entry M as you can see in the post image.

Building 8H

Our Classroom

Starting on the second day we got to see different presentations about possible projects including setting up a Kickstarter campaign, designing a travel aid device for blind people and creating an educational robot kit for kids. For the decision we had to reupload our CVs and write motivation letters again. After thinking about the projects for some days I decided to go for the robot project, with Kickstarter as my second choice.

Here are some more Pictures of the Campus:

In several small cafeterias like this you can have cheap lunch, a coffee here is 0,60 €

There are 3 Valenbisi Stations inside the campus of UPV, but be quick: cause you are not the only student who wants to get a bike or a place for one...

The whole of UPV is surounded by a fence