Stadler Rail is a swiss company with a huge factory area in Valencia. Like with Torrecid we made a visit with EPS.

Getting our visitor passes

This time the visit was not mandatory for all participants, just for certain teams. We, Robot, where one of these teams. Stadler has also a project with a team developing interesting new interaction concepts for passengers on a train, basically designing interior features.

trains outside the factory, waiting for their runs on the test track

For me personally a visit to this company is also interesting since my parents work for Traktionssysteme Austria, a company building electric motors. With Stadler building electric trams also in Austria these two companys sometimes work together and so it happens that my parents made a video about the TramLink project that was developed and built here in Valencia and then shipped to Gmunden and fitted with TSA motors. We even saw this tram in the company presentation at the beginning of our visit. I embedded the video in the end of this article.

Company presentation

After the presentation we all got a small receiver and headphones and then went to the production hall. I have seen these systems being used by a lot of tourist guides during our road trip. The guide has a little transmitter and a microphone and saves his own voice while giving their guests a much better experience on the tour. I really liked them in the loud factory hall.

3D printed train models and the tour guide reciever

Again it was not allowed to take photos in the hall itself so instead here is our group picture and the video. (Showing a lot of the details of this train)

One part of the EPS class