IT HAPPENED. I was already giving up hope by now, but here it is: the second international Dinner

This time someone else was in charge for organization and we decided to make the event happen in the jardin de turia, the big park in the city.

I must say the dinner was before my Vienna trip and I am still trying to fight against my backlog of activities I want to write blogs about.
Short said: It was much warmer at the time than it is now so a dinner in the park was a great Idea. Everybody brought blankets and stuff to sit on and the dinner started.

You are usually even more hungry when you wait for other people :-)

This time around it was the turn of the second half of our group. They had to prepare food now. So I was for example not needed to bring food :-). In the same way as it was at the first dinner all of the cooks had to present their own creation and tell what is special about them.

Everybody showed their creation

After the presentations (it felt like they took an entire century) we finally started all the delicious creations. This time there were a lot more sweet dishes and cakes.

Let's have some food! Finalmente !

Since it was about noon and I was really craving for some non-sweet food I started with the other stuff. My favorite quickly became the Nepalesian Curry with rice from Vedant, and even though the sweets where really delicious I kept this opinion. Because of many distractions I forgot to take a picture of the curry in time and because other people also shared my opinion all that was left was an empty pot and some rice, I still took a picture of that 🙃.
An empty curry pot, my winner of the day

Then came the sweets. One of the most impressive creations was Lars's Fanta Cake. Lars is from Germany, but I have never heard of Fanta cake before and it was a really interesting creation to try.
Of course one of the dutch people ( Mikael? 🤔) also made some dutch waffles, the so called Stroopwafel. They are of course always delicious as well.

The selection of the best sweets

We stayed for well over two hours and enjoyed the park. All in all the International Dinners were a really cool EPS activity.

Everybody having a good time