On Tuesday of our final week we went to TorreCid a big international cheramics company founded in Valencia

TorreCid is specialised in making only the final glaze of cheramics. They don't produce actual tile bodys or other parts of cheramics. Some of their daugter companies like AlFarben are specialized in printing into the glaze and are capable of designing almost everything on the surface of a tile or a cup. TorreCid's USP is that they give their specialized knowledge for free together with their products. They even solve all kinds of problems their clients may have in the process of ceramic production.

Pedro telling us about torrecid

We got a tour through their companies main showroom and also got introduced to a possible project we could do during EPS with them.Then we saw their quality control department for raw minerals and their mixing machinery.

In the bus

During the whole trip we were strictly advised to not take pictures and I thought that people must already have taken pictures of this place in the past... so I don't post my pictures here but rather some stuff I found on google =P

Torrecid Hall in Brazil

Torrecid Showroom

More Torrecid Showroom

Just a really nice Mast (My photo again =P)