Last week we had an organized Paella lunch with the EPS group. Pedro organized a place for our group and we all went there to have paella.

the place we went to

Paella in Spain is a special kind of thing: people here eat it all the time, it is like rice in Asia, just with little more meat, heck there is even a paella Emoji in Unicode: 🥘

Paella basically consists out of rice, and some meat for example rabbit, chicken or seafood. It is prepared in large pans, they really can't be large enough (and you can even buy them at the Asia shops ;-) ).

That said the place was pretty nice, we had two tapas before and then the paella:

Everybody waiting for food

the masters of the paella, it is a sign of quality if it sticks to the pan

Now more importantly to my personal opinion: I was not really too much impressed. Paella is ok, but I am not too much impressed, maybe it is just a little bit over hyped, after all it is just rice with meat and I am not the biggest fan of rice out of the pan. Still that is of course just my opinion. It was a good meal though and we all had fun having lunch together.

finally something to eat