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Discovering the roof

Last week my flatmate Rieke came up with the idea of checking out the roof of our building. We live in the 9th floor but our building has 14th, and checking out the view from the roof sounded really tempting.

When you arrive in the 14th floor with the lift there are some more steps and then finally an unlocked door:

Right behind the buildings you can see the sea

The area outside is surrounded by a fence, there are also two more apartments on the roof floor. You can climb up one more ladder, then you are on top of them and really on the topmost layer of the whole building.

Looking down on Blasco Ibañez

But you can even climb up one more ladder, then you are really on the topmost layer of the building.

Thanks to Rieke for this picture of me on the roof

From our high building you can even look down on other roofs

After seeing the roof the first time, I went up the second time during sunset. Here are the pictures of this really beautiful view in the golden hour.

View over the roof into the sun

Valencia city scape at sunset

Sun between two chimneys

Lukas Bachschwell

Lukas Bachschwell

Camera and electronics guy from Vienna, studied in Valencia for one Semester, that's why I wrote this blog, have fun reading 😃

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