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I bought a toaster

Yes I know what you might think... is it really worth talkng about this on a blog? But I think the answer is YES, because I consider this as a life changing event here :-)

There is again one thing you have to know about Valencia: If you need tools, cheap sunnglasses, cheap toiletpaper or a toaster you go either to Tedi (Yes that exists here in spain) or to an asian 1 euro shop. You can find them behind every second corner, some are bigger, some smaller, some are called "Hong Kong Market" and others "Ben Market". I reccently discovered that there is a huge one on Blasco Ibañez and I went there several times already.

But the toaster (el tostador in spanish) I bought at Tedi. The fun thing is that the signs on all artikels are in german. Spanish is just smallprint. But stuff is really cheap here. I got a toaster for 15€ and a watercooker for my flatmate Rieke for just 10€. The nex challenge was bringing stuff back home using the valenbisi... But luckily I also bought a roll of packaging tape, so I just taped everything together and got home safely.

My Bike with the new Toaster taped onto it

Inside one of the multi purpose asia stores

Lukas Bachschwell

Lukas Bachschwell

Camera and electronics guy from Vienna, studied in Valencia for one Semester, that's why I wrote this blog, have fun reading 😃

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