For our EPS Team Pedro asked us if we want to make an international dinner. This Idea was immediatley welcomed. We split up into two groups: one cooking in the first week and the other one in the second. This is the perfect way to make sure there is not too much food that is left over afterwards.

Last week the first round took place and it was also my turn to cook something, so after thinking about "Schnitzel" I decided that this was a little to expensive and I went for "Apfelstrudel", the Austrian (and very well designed) version of Apple Pie.

Not really cutting-edge, more like cutting apples

Making Apfelstrudel is not very complex. I must admit that I bought the pastry and some people would consider that cheating, but it does save you a lot of time.

  1. STEP: Peel and cut the apples
  2. STEP: Roll out the pastry
  3. STEP: Cover the edges in egg yolk
  4. STEP: Put sugar and cinnamon in
  5. STEP: Close up with a fork and put more yolk on it.
  6. STEP: Into the oven

So as you can see it is basically a straight forward process =D

Closing up turned out to be a bit tricky though

Since this was my first time actually making Apfelstrudel myself I put a bit too much yolk on top, so it turned a bit darker than I was intending, but overall I was quite happy with the result.

Before and after oven

Since I had more than enough apples left I made myself some "Apfelkompot". Very delicious 😋
The next day the actual dinner took place:

The main table

At the dinner every person that had prepared something said something about the dish and why it is special to their nationality. Also we had to present a brief instruction on how to prepare it. Then we were finally ready to eat!

Short presentations of the food

My overall favorites of the day remained the Swedish "Chokladbollar"

the last two Chokladbollar, captured two seconds before they were gone