I finally found some time to write this post :-)

The first stop of our second roadtrip, the "NORTH ROADTRIP" was the city of San Sebastian.

All stories of this coverage of the second roadtrip are going to cover 2 days more or less because of the organization and the times we drove.

It all started on Monday when Johanna arrived. In the afternoon Honza and Lars collected the cars at the airport and drove to Blasco. Our plan was to leave at night.

Driving at night

The constellation of people in our group was a little different. The boys were the same + Honza, the Czech guy and instead of the girls from the first roadtrip we were joined by Johanna my girlfriend, Lena from Italy and Michelle from Mexico.

The first drive went through the night to San Sebastian. It went rather unspectacular, but we were all pretty tired. We got ourselves some coffee and food at 4:30 and Jasper spilled his coffee. The purpose of this night drive was to avoid the heavy Spanish morning traffic which worked out for us :-)

Some photos of the short night

When we entered the city we where welcomed by a beautiful view but a very strange smell that I would describe as something like rotten eggs. We went straight to our accommodation which was located on a small hill on the outer rim of the city. We had 2 big rooms with a kitchen each and the view over the city was even more amazing as you can see in the cover image.

ULIA - Our place to stay

Tired as we were we quickly fell asleep. Johanna and me got up after three hours and decided to have a walk around the hill. I even had some time to fly my drone but I'll put this in the final video once I have time for that :-).

Exploring the surrounding area

On the way we also met a very strange lady with a cat, that looked like grumpy cat, on a string. As you would expect the cat was not really behaving like a dog an keep sitting in certain places for up to 20 minutes. By the time we came back from our walk the lady moved probably not more than 200 meters. Unfortunately I did not take pictures.

What is also interesting in some of the north Spain cities are the trees and how they are cut. They look quite weird in my opinion.

Weird Trees 🌳

After everybody finally woke up we decided to get something to eat and drove down to the city. There we checked out some markets and sights and then decided to go to one of the two hills that mark the side of it's harbor. Because the sun was so nice I started to make several random portraits-

Random Portraits in nice light

Everything in the city was (as you would expect) in Basque language, a strange mixture of Spanish and French. Also this city's city bikes were unlike in the rest of Spain electric bikes.

Electric city bikes

In the city

couple pics 👫

The hill we approached was on the right side of the harbor (when looking out on the sea) and had a Jesus statue on top, kind of like in Rio de Janeiro, just smaller. On the way up we also saw some canons. We managed to get up there just before sunset and enjoyed an incredible view.

group picture on the way up

Jesus statue and other stuff

gotta make this sun-through-trees thing my signature shot

sun setting

We even started to play around with the sun as you can see here:

eating the sun

After the sun was gone we headed back to the city. At this time of the year you can find crib figures everywhere in Spain. In San Sebastian there where entire parks full of them.

a big park in San Sebastian

The city at night

We walked through the city a little longer and then we headed back home where Lena directed the creation of Spaghetti. Before I went to bed I took one final night picture of the city.

View from our hostel at night

The next day

On the next day we left our nice apartment. Before leaving San Sebastian completely we drove up to the left side hill. We discovered that there was a cable railway up the mountain and decided to take a ride. Montaña Suiza was written on the gondula.

The cable railway gondula

Montaña Suiza or Swiss Mountain was the name of a children's fair on top of the hill. As on the other hill you could enjoy a beautiful view on the city. and we spend an hour exploring the place and taking pictures. There even was a hotel, autodrom and a big rollercoaster.

Some of the attractions

There even was a place for air gun shooting. But since you could not win screwdrivers I decided it was not worth it 😜. Instead we spent our time taking even more pictures.

group picture

Then it was time to move on... But that is a topic for the next post...