All in all this roadtrip was a very cool little adventure. Here again is a collection of the best pictures I have not showed you yet.

Read till the end of this post and you will also discover the final aftermovie of the roadtrip 😁 🎉

Just a joke... lets show it first 😜:

Since I used certain music the video is unfortunately blocked on mobile phones on youtube, therefore vimeo to the rescue!!!!!!

Let's get started with the pictures:

Right at the beginning of the roadtrip there was a story that I didn't really mention yet. We rented our cars at a company called Dickmann's at the airport. But their office where we had to pick up the cars is in a road that exists twice in the area. That caused us major confusion in the morning and we had to take a taxi to get there in the end, here are some pictures when we found out that we are in the wrong place.

"This can not be true, I looked it up before!!!!!!"

Finally arrived at Dickmann's

During the first hours of driving we saw an interesting amount of mini tornados on the fields, I caught one on a picture.

Mini Tornado

This is by the way the main bridge to Cádiz. Designing bridges is a thing Spanish people are good at.

Bridge to Cádiz

I made several panoramas using my camera (Sony a6500) on the roadtrip. the real problem with them is that they are way less impressive as a real good picture with a proper wide angel lense, but never the less: here is a group panorama from Lars' phone (switching photographers during the making of the picture)

Panorama at Plaza de España in Sevillia

During our trip Lars and Maxim came up with a few funny picture Ideas. One of them was the "Bottle Picture". We made it in Malaga. I still put some editing in to make it look a bit better. The main challenge with these kind of pictures is the aligning, but focus is also pretty difficult, since you need a very strong depth of field.

The "Bottle Picture"

Another really cool picture that started as a quick idea came together in Granada after Lars bought a cheap selfie-stick.

The selfie stick photo

Second Group picture in Granada

Before we did the nice group picture in Malaga in front of the sunset we got beer, Victoria beer to be exact. Lars again did a nice picture when we opened the cans. I am really impressed by the fake shallow depth of field function of his phone.

Victoria beer

We are in Spain. And by now I feel there is some unwritten rule in society that in every real baño in this country there has to be a broken urinal that never gets fixed. This theme continues from the toilettes at the university, the ones at la marina beach club till the one at the picasso museum in Malaga...


While driving we started to overtake the other car several times, most of the time this was the perfect moment to communicate a certain feeling one had about the other car as you can see in the next picture.

"F*** you!"

During the trip I already started to edit a lot of photos. While I sometimes did quick edits on my phone using an app called SnapSeed (really cool free app by google) I rely on Affinity Photo on my computer for the high quality stuff. Here is a picture from Malaga.

"Can you make it just a little different?!"

Talking editing now: I made a lot of tonemapped HDR pictures. I KNOW it was too much sometimes, but I really like what possibilities this tools give me to edit my pictures. It still is always about finding the right balance to not make it too surealistic... Anyway, here are six more that did not make it to the selections for the posts

Granada and Malaga

Sevillia and Granada

I also shot a lot of portraits, sometimes somebody shot some of me as well, but that usually happened early in the morning so the result looked like this:

hiding the rings under my eyes behind some shades

After we had lunch in Granada we discovered a cool view over the city. There were a lot of things to wonder about. How do these big buses fit trough the small streets? and how did this shoe make its way to the strange sail hanging on a house? We did not try to answer any of that, we just enjoyed the view =P

strange stuff and a nice view

We parked in garages several times. It is very interesting how the light plays in these garages, a lot more interesting than in many other places.

Garage photo

Somewhere in Sevillia on the way to the University we saw some kittens

Kittens in Sevillia

When we arrived on Plaza de España in Sevillia Anne showed me a photo of a bride at the exact same spot. "Can you help us with that?" she asked and I took pictures of her and Laura in a very similar style as the other photographer on Instagram 😎

Laura at Plaza de España

What is left is a collection of some more strange and funny pictures:

What are you doing Maxim ?

Memes, memes everywhere...

Somewhere in the jardin de leones...

"One day son this sea will be ours again..."

"Wanna see my butt?"

I hope you could enjoy some of my pictures as much as we did our trip. The next one starts next Monday, processing all its images will probably take me till January but I had a lot of fun doing it on this one, so I will do it again for sure.

See you on the road!