One day it rained. And it rained heavily. But a little later we saw the most beautiful sunset I've seen here ever. And most of them are really beautiful.

Dark clouds in the distance

This story happened several weeks ago. I am always catching up on writing these posts.

When we first started EPS here Pedro told us about rain in Valencia. He told us that when it happens it is usually extreme. We also experienced that allready a few times but this time it was even more.

There was thunder and lightning, lots of it. I got the idea to record it but stragely when I had my camera set up the epicenter of the storm had moved away from the view of my window so I did not really catch much.

But then....

One picture from my own balcony

But after the dark clouds lightned up the sun started to shine through. Rieke and me immediately got our cameras and went to the roof. For the next ten minutes there was nothing but silence and the ocassional *click* of a camera.

the view that welcommed us on the roof

looking down on blasco

all the buildings where wrapped in gold

After the spectacle was over it got dark pretty quickly, but even that happened in beautiful soft tones.

the last rays

getting dark

pure beauty...