Since I am not too fast with getting my roadtrip coverage done (I need to merge and edit lots of photos for that) I think I am going to tell you about some funny details of my everyday life here in Valencia.

The shower

This was one of the really annoying things in the beginning: We have 2 bathrooms, the one I use has a very small bathtub that is to be used as a shower as well. But the problem is the curtain: It magically tries to move towards you when you turn on the water. It might be a thermodynamic effect of some kind. In the end it is definitely one thing: annoying. After talking to some friends I found out I am not the only one with that problem. So I started to think about how to solve the issue with the available resources. My fist idea came to me in, you probably guessed it, a china shop. I could use sponges and attach them to the bottom of the curtain using zip ties. During showering the sponges would soak up water and keep the curtain down. So my flatmate Rieke and I went to work and connected 6 cut-in-half sponges to the curtain. But after trying to shower again I was a bit disappointed: It definitely helped but it did not have the effect I was wishing for.

my first try

So after some more days I found some suction pads in a china shop and Rieke came up with the Idea of using a band to hold the curtain back. We attached 2 bands, one on the lower end and one in the middle of the curtain and that finally helped. Showering from then was much more relaxed. =D

the final solution

The China shops

First of all: I really like them. If you have been following this blog you probably already know ;-) . But I maybe should mention that not all of them are the same. Although it seems that they all have a very similar chaotic mixture of stuff I was surprised to see that in one of them I could not find a Micro USB cable. There are also some things you would expect them to have, and not even one of them has it: Like M3 screws.... which was very annoying because I needed these for the robots... To clarify: from M4 and upward you can get all kinds of screws you want, but not M3... =P

My favorite china shop

Whyyyyy no M3?????

The Oreo Ice Cream

Here in Spain Oreo has a bigger product range than in Austria. For example there are Yellow and green Oreo cookies with different flavors and even an Oreo cake in the supermarkets.

But the best thing of all is the Oreo ice cream. I know we have something similar in Austria, but I am not talking about the sandwich style ice cream, but one that looks more like a magnum. This is my absolute favorite here, and I also hope they bring this to Austria soon =D

The Oreo version of Magnum

The watercooker

One more tragic story before this collection of random stories ends: Our water cooker. In the post about my toaster I also mentioned a water cooker. It cost around 8€ and I bought it at Tedi. The bad thing about it? After only 10 days it stopped working. As I disassembled it I noticed that one of the heat safety parts was completely molten. After trying to bend stuff back in place and find a workaround for the molten plastic part the cooker was eventually heating again, but he was not shutting of anymore =P.

the overheat protection, a strange mechanical contraption

So This week I had to buy a new one and I went for a more expensive one this time, lets see how long this one will make it. I think it is a really sad thing that products like these are sold. If you cannot build it in a decent quality, what is the point in making it so cheap?

The new water cooker, lit by blue leds

And with this few funny stories of my daily routine I will hopefully get to more posts about the roadtrip and other more interesting adventures soon, Cu :-)