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Strange post boxes

Since we have elections on October 15th in Austria I needed to vote using the letter voting system

It was actually not really hard to order a card. Having the austrian "Handy Signatur" activated is a good thing to deal with all things government over the web. Once I finally got it (spanish and austrian post burocracy combined is incredible) I needed a post box to return it. "What an easy task" I thought. There is a postbox almost everywhere.

Well, it turns out that these boxes I was thinking off are labeld "Para usar solo del cartero" (Only to be used by the postman) (See this post's postimage). So I had to walk quite a lot further to finally find one of the big yellow, real post boxes and finally deliver my vote.

One of the strange Boxes

My vote counts!

Lukas Bachschwell

Lukas Bachschwell

Camera and electronics guy from Vienna, studied in Valencia for one Semester, that's why I wrote this blog, have fun reading 😃

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